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Motherhood is the journey that begins at the moment of conception. We begin to alter our thinking and are suddenly making choices not just for our own well being but the well being of the child within. At times the information and choices we are confronted with is overwhelming. Quieting ourselves and bringing the focus back to the basics can help us sort through the noise and gain our footing in the role of mother, as we learn to trust our instincts, decisions and become confident in our role in this season of life. .

The role of a doula is to support and encourage the mother and family, traditionally in birth and the immediate postpartum period. As mothers the same support and encouragement can be invaluable through all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy and beyond. My goal here at Wonderfully Made is to join you in your journey not just in pregnancy and birth, but in motherhood. As you walk this journey and begin to balance the chaos and embrace the beauty of motherhood. consider inviting me along as not just your birth doula but as your motherhood doula.

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Motherhood Journey

Childbirth Education that prepares you for

birth and motherhood.

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Birth Photography

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Whether you are looking for a doula, a birth photographer or both, I’d love to meet with you and get to know you, hear your hopes and plans for this birth, and discuss ways I can help meet your needs. Let’s set up a time to meet and chat!