From the blooming glow of maternity, the first breath at birth, tiny newborn details, first year milestones, and beyond, both motherhood and childhood are a journey of moments to be captured and preserved for now and future generations.  

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"If I could save time in a bottle..I'd save every day like a treasure..." 

- Jim Croce

As the years race past we find ourselves longing to bottle up the moments and cling to them for as long as we can.  Photographs are a timeless treasure that preserves the tiny details of newborns, chunky figures of toddlers, blooming glow of pregnancy, the moment your eyes meet after birth, adoring hugs from little arms, giggles, snuggles, and all the joy that motherhood entails.   Those fleeting and soon forgotten moments are suspended in a photograph and turned into beautiful artwork to be adored and viewed for generations.

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Your life...your moments...beautiful, timeless & authentic.

Adorn  your home with your moments, beautifully captured & preserved as framed prints, heirloom albums, and folio boxes full of endearing prints. 

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We turn your moments into custom artwork for your home...

every product is chosen for beauty and longevity and custom designed to meet  your needs.



Overwhelmed with the all consuming job of motherhood, Christi picked up a camera back in 2009, with the purpose of finding a hobby for herself and documenting the moments of her life that were whirling by in a blur.   Along her journey she discovered much more beauty than she ever imagined existed in the act of mothering, and her hobby quickly became a passion for documenting the beauty surrounding her in the midst of the mundane and chaotic moments of raising a large family.. 

Now based out of The Cottage Studio, located near downtown Wichita, she runs a portrait studio focusing on capturing and preserving the joy and beauty of motherhood and childhood for families from maternity, birth and beyond.  




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