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 Motherhood Journey Circle

Educating | Empowering | Nurturing


Mothering the mother, it’s something that is often mentioned, yet rarely materialized. This unique 8 week childbirth education class was born out of a desire to mother the mother through her pregnancy and birth, and to build support and encouragement through a tribe of women as they enter the next season of their motherhood journey.

Any and all expecting moms who want to prepare not just for birth but for motherhood are invited to join the tribe, whether this is your first birth or your fifth. Over the course of 8 weeks we will spend time together learning about evidence based care, empowering ourselves as mothers and nurturing and supporting one another in this season of motherhood.

Each Circle Session will be customized to meet the needs of the group but some of the topics we will cover and discuss include:

  • physiology of birth

  • fear

  • evidence based care for labor and birth

  • nutrition & exercise

  • newborn care and feeding

  • self-care

  • becoming an empowered decision maker for you and your child

For the first five weeks, we women will meet and share and learn together, as we become a tribe of support for each other. The sixth week partners will be invited to join us for the evening as we practice relaxation and labor support. The final two weeks will be just us women again and in our last class together we will all partake in a motherhood blessing that will leave us feeling supported and empowered as we enter the next stage of our motherhood journey.

Bonus: A Complimentary Maternity Portrait Session is offered to all of our mothers to capture this beautiful part of the journey.

Disclaimer: I personally believe that we are wonderfully made by God and my knowledge and experience of birth and motherhood are framed by my Christian faith. This is not an inherently Christian class but it is impossible for me to separate my beliefs and experience as I lead and teach. Mothers to be of all races and religions are welcome into our classes and will be supported and encouraged equally.