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February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day taking the center stage. As mothers it’s most likely a month filled with preparing all the things for the Valentine parties for your children, with little time or energy left for your spouse or significant other.

Busy, busy, busy, is the popular pace of the day, with jobs, activities, chores and more filling our schedule. As you can imagine, with us having 8 children, fitting in a little romance can be very challenging, with energy being as lacking as time.

Here are a few tips of ways we’ve sparked that lovin’ feeling over the years.

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  1. Send the kids to bed early or down to the basement for a movie, while we enjoy an adult meal, with our favorite take out or creating a gourmet meal together in the kitchen. I find we both relax and the conversation flows more freely when we are creating a meal together.

  2. Sneak out early on a Saturday morning for coffee or breakfast. We usually have more energy first thing in the morning and reconnecting early can make for a more relaxed, productive and enjoyable weekend. This one is much easier when you have teens around to baby sit.

  3. A leisurely walk after dinner. If you have little ones put them in the stroller and take them along, or go to a park where you can walk, with them in eyesight while they play. Getting out and getting the blood flowing, can help the conversation flow as well, and remove the visual distractions that are at home.

  4. Take some time to understand their love language. I love kind words and acts of service. My husband can come home and help with a chore or tell me how great I look and I feel romanced. He loves foot rubs, gifts of food, and a calm and clean environment. If I want to set the stage for a romantic weekend, I can have a clean home and one of his favorite treats waiting for him and the stress will melt away. Full disclosure: Cleaning is not my strong point and clean happens infrequently around here. Sorry, baby but I still love you, even though the house isn’t always clean.

  5. Keep your expectations for time together in check and be grateful for being together. Nothing can dull time together quicker than having unmet expectations. I’ve found that focusing on the fact they we are together, even it it’s sitting on the sofa, sipping a drink, with the children running circles around the living room, can be romantic and connecting if I take the time to savor the moment.

What are some ways you’ve found to reconnect and keep the spark alive?

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As a photographer I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend getting photos together. Whether you schedule a session just as a couple or we take some photos of the two of you together at your family session, you and your children need those photos. Photos that show the joy and warmth of your love, reminding you on the hard days and reminding your children that you are a team, who loves them. Photos that tell they story of your love, framed on your walls, and displayed in your albums.

Consider scheduling a session as part of a hot date with your spouse or significant other! Ladies have your make up done and dress up in some of our gorgeous dresses, snuggle with your loved one and let me capture the magic. After the session, since you’re already out, take time for dinner or a show. The photos and the time together are an investment into you and your family.

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I’d love to chat with you and plan out your perfect date night or family session.

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