Project 52 - 2 | January 7-13, 2018

We are already into week 4, and week 2 seems like a blur.  I am thankful for the moments I captured during week 2, to jolt my memory and remind me of all the blessings that surround me.  Wintery mornings are slow for us, with time for snuggles, baking and hot tea  We've also had a bit too much screen time the last few weeks as the cold weather has kept us indoors more than we prefer.  This week did afford us with a warm day for a quick romp out to the neighbor's, mostly dried up pond.  What lovely time I planned to have as the kids explored, and I relaxed on the bank photographing their exploration and enjoying a few quiet moments.  Ah, reality has a way of barging in though, and about 90 seconds after we arrived a child fell into a puddle, and the whining began and I begrudgingly headed back home. The remainder of the week is just a summation of the mundane and messy moments that compose our daily lives, along with a touch of a snow day and a heap of toddler independence.