Photo Credit: Lindsay Sallee Photography.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Sallee Photography.


I am Christi, the owner and photographer here at Nine Sparrow Lane Photography.  Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to get to know a bit about my work and the experience I offer.   Photography is a mixture of skill and artistic vision, and as such I feel it is important to know the artist behind the work.

  • I love Jesus & people!

  • I am a mother of 9, yes you read that correctly, 9 blessings, all from my body and my husband of 24 years! We've only had the privilege to parent 8 of them, as our 4th child was only with us for a few short hours before God decided he wanted him back.

  • I'm both a realist and a romanticist, which means I love to find the beauty in the everyday, crazy of life and document it, but I also love to design curated sessions to create fine art for my clients.

  • I've always loved classic and timeless styles and that is reflected in my photography work.

  • As a mother of many, I have a quite a bit of experience with newborns and children, along with birth. I've worked as both a doula and a midwife's assistant, so I am no stranger in the birth environment.

  • I value time with my family and with clients, and therefore only take on a very limited number of sessions each month, so that I can give both my very best.

  • I value printed work over digital files, because we both invest too much time and money to have our beautiful images, confined to only digital mediums. I also know how busy life is and how easy it is to neglect getting those photos printed.

  • I love collaborating with local businesses and ministries here in the community.

  • I'm a tea sipper not a coffee drinker, but I do serve up a tasty cappuccino in the studio.

  • Favorite Movie: Any of the BBC Series of Jane Austen's books.

  • Furthest I've traveled: Uganda

  • States I've lived in: Georgia, Iowa & Kansas

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach


The best way to get to know one another is in person!