Capturing the Joy of Motherhood

Earlier this year Cammie contacted me regarding a NILMDTS session for a family member and I was honored when she later booked me for one of my Special Motherhood Sessions.  Cammie is a photographer, and like myself she values the importance of being in the images with her kids, but  finds the busyness of life often gets in the way.   Since Cammie lives out of town, she chose to meet me at the local zoo with her children for this special session commemorating motherhood.  She later confided in me that it was her first day off in months.  Cammie thank you for allowing me the honor of capturing you and your children for your.  

So often we mothers are the worst at slowing down and getting into the photos with our family.  We have a zillion excuses of why it's better to wait, but time isn't standing still and if we don't take the time today to be present in images with our children, time will pass, the children will be grown and will have no images to document the daily moments of joy of mothering.  To encourage mother's to document this time in their lives with their children I offer Motherhood Mini Memory Making Sessions.  These 1 hour sessions document Mother's spending time with their children.  Each session is custom tailored to fit your family.  Your session could be time playing with your children at your favorite local park, a visit to the zoo, in home baking cookies or storytime.  I'd love to capture a small piece of your life with your children.  These sessions are $150 and include 4x6 proof prints and one 16x20 print.  I'm now booking these sessions for fall!