Birth Photography - Wichita, KS - Welcome Miss L.

Without a doubt one of my favorite things to photograph is the amazing miracle of birth!  I've been somewhat of a birth junkie since before I was pregnant with my first child over 19 years ago and with 9 birth children of my own, I've had plenty of time to study and practice all that I've learned about natural child birth.  Shortly after I took a serious interest in studying photography, I discovered birth photography and had the privilege of capturing my first birth in the spring of 2011, and have captured many since then, but due to a cross country move and birthing our 9th child, I had taken a sabbatical from births with plans to return to shooting births this summer.  My return to birth photography got a bit of a jump start this spring when the amazing Tiffany of T.Marie Photography asked me to be her on call back up while she was traveling out of state, and with neither of her May mommass due for over 2 weeks away she went and that was the beginning of a very busy weekend for me!

Here is Meagan's story as told through my lens.  Congratulations to her on a beautiful natural birth and perfect baby girl.  She had the most amazing support team!  Thank you for letting me, a stranger, walk into your birth and capture one of your most intimate moments.