Soon there'll be 4....Maternity Photography - Wichita, KS

Beautiful sunsets, with families and couples, frolicking in open fields, while a photographer poses them and captures the quintessential family photo, is the rage these days, but it is not what makes my heart sing as a photographer.  I am a storyteller and I want to authentically tell your story and the best way to tell your story is for me to come into your home and observe and capture you and your family in your natural environment.  That is exactly what this session is all about!  This is a peek into this family's life a few weeks before baby arrived and made them a family of four.   This is a collection of some of the routines and rituals that were present in this family, during this season of preparing for baby.  This is their beautiful, messy and real, told as I best know how to tell the story.  I hope you enjoy this peek into their lives as much as I enjoyed being able to capture it.  

Contact me today to set up a special in home storytelling session for your family.  Let's document the beautiful, messy and real in this season of life!