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Thank you for considering me to capture and preserve special moments for your family.  Capturing beautiful, timeless and authentic photos is the best way to bottle up today's details and memories and preserve them for your family and future generations.  All session collections include heirloom quality prints and products to ensure that your images stand the test of time and can be enjoyed by your family for many years to come.

Session Collections begin at $395

  • Each and every session is as unique as your family!  All sessions include either a phone or in-person consulation, where we go over what is most important to you, discuss wardrobe and location and customize your session to tell the story of you.
  • Not only does your session include a wardrobe consultation but you also have access to the studio wardrobe, where you will find a great selection of neutral items to use for your session.
  • Every session collection is designed to give you beautiful images for your home and family, and includes a collection of heirloom quality prints or products & the corresponding digital files.  
  • Once your session is complete, and each image has been hand edited, we will meet again, at The Cottage Studio, to view your beautiful images and choose your favorites for the items included with your session.  At this time you may upgrade your Collection and/or purchase additional items from the beautiful, heirloom quality prints and products I offer.  
  • Every ordering session includes design assistance to help you choose the images and products you love, for your home and family.  My design software allows us to view the images on your walls!

The Birth Story Experience

Starts at $1295

The day life begins earth side is truly one of the most important events to document for your family and little one!  Capturing the labor journey, the first breath, the expressions of joy, relief, exhaustion, admiration and all the other emotions that flood that day, but are soon a distant memory, is truly one of the greatest joys I have as a photographer.  Being able to preserve so many details of the day and tell the story through photos, for my clients is an honor.   With 20+ years of birth experience, as a labor coach, birthing my own 9 babies, and serving many families as their birth photographer, the birth environment is my home away from home.  I love the opportunity to get to know you as we walk through your pregnancy and birth together.  To ensure each of my birth clients get the best of me, I only book one birth a month, making this a truly VIP experience for you and your family!

  • Includes a consultation at the Cottage Studio to get to know me, ask questions and make sure we are a good fit!
  • Maternity Session Included
  • 24/7 On call coverage from 2 weeks prior to your due date, up until you deliver.  Day or night I am available to reach by call or text.  
  • I work closely with a back up photographer, should an emergency prevent me from attending.  Thankfully I've yet to miss a birth, but having a back up available gives both my clients and myself peace of mind.
  • Birth Coverage is from active labor (7-8cm) up until 2 hours after delivery.  You never need worry about extra charges or fees for a long labor. 
  • A few weeks after your birth I host a Birth Story Party at The Cottage Studio, for you and any family or friends you wish to invite.  You will see your birth story, through a beautiful and moving slide show and have the opportunity to choose your favorite images for the package you've chosen or add on more beautiful, heirloom products.

If you are interested in booking your Birth Story Experience with me then send me a message through the request more information button below.  I will be in touch soon to set up a time we can meet and discuss your birth!

I would love a chance to meet with you and learn more about you, your family and what type of session and photos you need.   I look forward to hearing from you soon and capturing your beautiful family!

If you love what you see here and are ready to reserve your spot on my calendar, please click below to book your session!  

Maternity - Birth - Fresh 48 - Newborn - Babies & Children - Family