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You are the baby, that ray of sunshine we never we knew we were missing, until your burst forth! To say you are adored would be an understatement, as all your siblings dote on you and your father and I have really softened up, or so your siblings tell us.

Your crazy curls, wild free spirit, and buoyant personality liven up our days. Your head is filled with random facts, like locating countries around the world on the globe, identifying your colors in Spanish, and knowing the proper names for heavy equipment, most of which are due to your older siblings delighting in teach you anything and everything.

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Every morning you want to begin your day cuddled in my lap and most evenings you sneak into my bed and say, “let’s snuggle for a minute”, and how can I resist? I know too well the reality that all to soon you will be too big to fit into my lap, and too busy to want to. I am desperately trying to bottle up every hug and kiss, and store it in my memory for later.

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Your selfie skills are amazing, thanks to your teen sister, and you exceed my knowledge in the use of SnapChat and all those crazy filters. Watching you two snuggled behind the phone, giggling and making silly faces, fills my heart with joy, as I see firsthand the beauty and blessings of a large family, and how the older ones love the younger ones.

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Keep smiling my son and being exactly who you were created to be, and always remember like the verse you are learning right now in Awanas. “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” - Psalm 139:14. Everyday we thank God for you and that he made you for our family.


- Mommy

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