5 Tips to Choosing The Newborn Photographer That is Right for Your Family.

Whether you just found out you're expecting or you are anxiously counting down the days until your little one arrives, chances are you've considered hiring a newborn photographer to capture your sweet bundle and all their fresh, tiny details.  Newborn photos are truly an investment, as they capture the quickly changing features of your precious little one in the brief time frame they are present.


When it comes to choosing a newborn photographer, the many choices can be overwhelming.  Where does one begin to find the photographer that is right for their family?  We often take to google and social media and both places will yield multiple recommendations, but how do we determine which photographer is the best fit for our family and newborn?

  1. Don't let price alone be the determining factor. Photographers range from free to thousands of dollars, and their services can be as simple as them taking your photos and handing you a cd of images to them spending countless hours helping you plan your session, choose your favorite images, design custom artwork for your home and delivering beautiful products for your to display and enjoy.

  2. Do evaluate the service they provide. While it may seem easier to you to be handed a cd of digital images for you to print at your convenience, the reality is life with a newborn can be crazy, that convenient time never materializes, and years later your cd of images is stuffed in a drawer somewhere still waiting to be turned into prints and products that your family can enjoy. I can attest that I am guilty of this!

  3. Experience and safety are huge considerations. You want to make sure the images you have taken are not only beautiful but are taken in a manner that is safe for your newborn and family. Many newborn poses can be dangerous to baby if not done properly. A skilled newborn photographer will know how to take the photos safely, as well as will be patient and comfortable when handling your little one. Baby shushing skills are also a huge plus.

  4. Look at the style and consistency of the photographer's work. What type of work are you drawn to? Some photographer's offer more posed work, with props and accessories and others, like myself prefer to let baby be the spotlight of the images, keeping the the backdrops neutral and the posing minimal. Some work is light and airy and other's work is dark and moody. Some capture the details, intertwined with humor and in a storytelling manner and other's work is more traditional. They all have their beauty, and will capture and preserve these moments for your family. Pay attention to what style work moves you and makes you pause and reflect on the moment. Photography is as much about the emotion an image provokes as it is the beauty of the image.

  5. Consider not just the photographer's style, but also the style of your home and family and what you intend to do with the photos. Is your home and style more relaxed or formal? Do you want to prominently display large art work on your walls or do you prefer more of a storytelling collection designed gallery or an album for your coffee table? Do you want work that matches your decor or do you prefer work that is timeless and classic in style? Choosing a photographer that fits with your desired style and is equipped to help you choose your images and products will ensure that you are satisfied with your photos.


Armed with the above tips, talk to your friends who recommended a photographer.  Ask them about how their session went.  What was their favorite part of working with the photographer?  Ask to see some of the photos from their session.  Ask about what products and services their photographer offers.

Lastly, take the time to call the photographer and ask questions and set up a consultation to meet them, discuss your desires and needs for the session and see their work.   Newborn photos are a once in a lifetime event for your child, and will be images that you want to proudly display for years to come.   Investing time into choosing the right newborn photographer for your family will yield beautiful images you will treasure forever.

If you are shopping for a newborn photographer, I'd love to chat with you and show you what I have to offer your family.