"It's all about finding the calm in the chaos." - Donna Karan

Hello!  I am Christi, a blessed woman, living a life that's perfectly imperfect, beautifully messy, authentically real, and full of lavish grace and forgiveness.  I've been honored to walk this journey for the last 21 years with my wonderful husband and together we have 9 children(one of which awaits us in heaven). 

Through my lens I've discovered the beauty in the mundane moments of the daily and I've learned that the sum total of these seemingly small moments, form the tapestry of our lives.  I am passionate about capturing these moments for my own family and for others, essentially freezing time and revealing the unique beauty that surrounds each of us.  I am a people person and am passionate about the deep connections of community and friendship, about peeling the layers off and revealing the authentic beauty, and empowering women to live in the grace, freedom and beauty that God has placed within them.  I long to infuse my relationships at home and without with joy, the joy of the Lord and to dance in the beautiful chaos that fills my life.  

I am a lover of wide open spaces, dream of living on the beach but content where God has placed me on the open plains.  I love sunrises and fresh starts, sunsets and cotton candy skies, dancing round the kitchen, baking cookies with my children, sipping chai while immersed in deep conversation…I have a heart for Uganda and her children and for using my camera to tell the stories of the brokenhearted.  

I would love the chance to meet with you, connect and tell your story…from the beautiful, messy and real of the daily to the once in a lifetime journey of birth!