P 52 - 4| January 21 - 27, 2018

"...you were not made for the compromise of comparison.  The Creator wove His originality into your DNA.  Only you can give the unique expression of His love and glory, and the fruits and reward of how you do this will travel with you into eternity." - Lisa Bevere

In a week filled with a vast sea of never ending laundry(thank you stomach flu), mundane tasks that took every bit of strength and energy to muster the commitment to do them one more time, children that made a few too many messes for my patience level and an overall feeling of lack of joy and enthusiasm, this week left me comparing our humdrum moments to what other's were doing and sharing.

Today as I started the day with my not so quiet, quiet time, the above quote leaped out at me and God impressed me with the fact that I am uniquely empowered by Him to express His love and glory in the sphere He has put me in.   I am tasked with nurturing beauty, love, joy, kindness, compassion....at home with the little one's in my care.  I can rest in the knowledge that He alone has equipped me to accomplish this task He has called me to.  

"Our unique perspective is a gift.  What we have seen and experience is a gift.  We have a choice. We can let it overwhelm us and do nothing.  We can treat it as common and allow it to underwhelm us.  Or we can live in a case of constant wonder.  Pondering the power of our moment, then moving forward." - Lisa Bevere

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